Personal & Commercial Insurance in Gunnison, UT

Personal Insurance

Donaldson Insurance Agency offers a variety of personal insurance options. No one is completely immune to the risks of everyday life. Whether you're on your way to the mall or doing some work in the garden, an unforeseen event can take the wind out of your sails. There are many good reasons to protect yourself against such eventualities. Look to our experts for valuable advice on the myriad of insurance policies on the market today.
We also consult on the following insurance policies:
  • Disability Insurance
  • Annuity Insurance (Retirement Funds)
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
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Auto Insurance

An auto insurance policy is required to operate a motor vehicle throughout the United States. A comprehensive auto insurance plan can protect you by assessing your liability in an accident and fending off illegitimate claims.
Utah uses a "no-fault system" which stipulates that your insurance company will pay your injury claims in the event of an accident (with a minimum coverage limit of $3,000), no matter who caused it.
We also consult on the following auto insurance policies:
  • Motorcycles, RVs, trailers, snowmobiles etc.
  • Vehicle theft
  • Collision insurance coverage including rental services
  • Towing and repairs
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Home Insurance

Home insurance policies protect homeowners against damage and losses that affect their property and belongings. The exact terms of coverage depend upon the policy, however, most insurance policies cover natural disasters like hail, thunderstorms, fire, and theft. Home insurance also includes liability protection in the event that someone is injured on the homeowner's property. Many policies also offer financial assistance if a homeowner must be temporarily displaced in the event that their home is damaged.

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance covers only the renter's belongings at the property, rather than the building itself as landlords are responsible for insuring the dwelling. Renters just need to make sure they have adequate coverage for liability and their possessions.

Differences and Similarities Between Renter's Insurance and Homeowner's Insurance

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average cost of home insurance is $880, while the average cost of renters insurance is $184. The difference in price is due to the levels of coverage. Renters insurance only acts as and possession coverage, whereas home insurance provides coverage for the entire building. The more that is covered, the higher the average price for home insurance coverage will be.
Despite their differences, home insurance and renters insurance are both very important. They provide coverage that will protect you against any damage your personal belongings may accrue from fire, theft, or water, and ensure that you will not have to pay the full cost of repairing or replacing the results from those events. Both act as liability coverage in the event that someone is injured on your property, and both provide financial assistance if you are displaced from your home.
Insurance offers homeowners and renters the peace of mind that their homes and belongings will be repaired and replaced in the wake of disasters.

We also consult on the following insurance policies:

  • Earthquake insurance
  • Flood insurance
  • Landslide insurance
  • Condominium insurance
  • Landlord insurance
  • Course of construction
  • Vacant properties
  • Homes with prior losses
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Farmers Union Insurance

Farm Insurance

Whether you're running a large-scale operation or carrying on the tradition of a small family farm, Donaldson Insurance Agency's farm insurance policies are tailored to meet your farm's property and liability exposures.
We provide insurance solutions for a wide range of farming businesses.

Here are just some of the business types we provide coverage for:

  • Beef Cattle Ranching and Farming
  • Cattle Feedlots
  • Crop Harvesting (primarily by machine)
  • Dairy Cattle and Milk Production
  • Hog and Pig Farming
  • Horses and Other Equine Production
  • Nursery and Floriculture Production
  • Organic Farming/Community Supported Agriculture
  • Poultry and Egg Production Farms
  • Sheep and Goat Farming
  • Vegetable and Melon Farming
  • Hobby Farming

We also consult on the following types of liability insurance:

  • Animal liability insurance
  • Environmental liability insurance
  • Legal liability insurance
  • Custom farming
  • Business activities
  • Animal care, custody, and control
  • Equine activities
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Employers liability (where applicable)

Life Insurance

You have to make certain commitments today to be well prepared for the future. Life insurance is a crucial element of family planning because it ensures the financial security of the beneficiaries after the policyholder's death.
A life insurance policy provides you and your family with peace of mind. It's reassuring to know that your loved ones are protected and will benefit from the fruits of your labor even after you're gone.

We also consult on the following life insurance policies:

  • Permanent life insurance
    • Whole life
    • Universal life
    • Limited pay
    • Endowment
  • Temporary life insurance
  • Indexed Universal Life and Annuities

Health Insurance

Even though you may be perfectly healthy right now, you never know when you might get sick or need medical attention. Scrambling to find an insurance policy that will cover you now that you already need it is an expensive, arduous process.
A comprehensive health insurance policy provides you with financial protection from the unfortunate consequences of an accident or illness. There are many things to consider in getting the right insurance coverage for you. Our insurance experts can walk you through every aspect of finding the best fitting, most affordable policy for your needs.
An accident takes place nearly every second in the United States. They often happen in the course of recreational activities and it's not unusual for children to be involved. In addition to regular health insurance, casualty insurance policies offer additional protection from occupational or recreational hazards and accidents.

We also consult on the following casualty insurance policies:

  • Accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Occupational accident insurance
  • Sports and recreational insurance
  • Flight insurance
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SR-22 Insurance

The SR-22 certificate is also called the certificate of financial responsibility. In Utah, SR-22 insurance is used to monitor the auto insurance of its problem motorists and to protect its citizens from them. The auto insurance companies are required to submit a SR-22 form for these drivers, certifying that their insurance meets at least the minimum liability coverage required by the law of Utah. The driver will receive no notifications regarding his driving status. His only responsibility is to maintain his auto insurance as required by Utah law.
SR-22 Is required in Utah when:
  • The driver was caught driving without the required mandatory insurance.
  • The driver was in an accident in which his vehicle was not insured and the accident resulted in the death of a person.
  • The driver's license was suspended because he either refused to test for alcohol or drugs or he was convicted of driving impaired by alcohol or drugs.
  • The driver has a number of moving violations on his record, such as reckless driving.
Three types of SR-22 insurances exist:
  • The certificate that covers financial responsibility in cases where the driver is not the owner of the vehicle.
  • The certificate that covers financial responsibility in cases where the driver owns the vehicle.
  • The certificate that covers financial responsibility in cases where the driver may or may not own the vehicle.
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Personal Umbrella Policies

Umbrella policies were created to provide you with coverage in situations when your home insurance's personal liability coverage did not offer coverage. This gave rise to the policy's name, as it was considered an “umbrella” that would provide broader coverage than other insurance policies and shield you from liability.
Today, an umbrella policy is a liability policy that protects you with high limits of liability. This is added onto the liability limits provided on your homeowners insurance policy. Most home insurance policies contain coverage for your personal liability in the amount of $100,000 or $300,000, but if you wish to purchase more limits to protect yourself from liability claims, you would purchase an umbrella policy, which commonly provides $1,000,000 in liability limits. An umbrella policy can also provide additional limits of liability coverage for you on your other policies, such as automobile liability.

Commercial Insurances

Commercial Property Insurance

Business property insurance is a must to protect your company's assets. While business property insurance isn't required by law, it's a very wise investment. Without it, your business may not survive financially.
From business proprietors to landlords, commercial real estate owners are subject to many risks: fire damage, vandalism, water leaks and damage caused by environmental factors, to name just a few. These can negatively affect the net income and can even jeopardize the survival of a small business.
Most business property insurance plans are tailored to the business and can cover a variety of losses, including damage from fires, electrical surges, and even embezzlement by an employee. Business property insurance policies cover not only structures, but also fixtures like lighting systems or carpeting, equipment and machinery, furniture, inventory and computers.
We also consult on the following types of commercial property insurance:
  • Builder's risk insurance
  • Electronics insurance
  • Machinery insurance
  • IT insurance
Talk to our insurance experts today to find the best insurance policies to protect your business.

Business Liability

Owning and operating a small business comes with plenty of responsibility and accountability. Even if you operate with the utmost care and provide the best quality and services, a client can claim that you did them wrong. Protect your business with liability insurance.
Over 78% of all U.S. businesses are structured as a partnership or sole proprietorship, according to For the majority of small business owners, this form of ownership puts your business and personal liabilities at risk. Owning business liability insurance protects your business from financial ruin.
Business liability insurance covers your small business in the event of a lawsuit for personal injury or property damages. It will usually cover the damages from a lawsuit along with the legal costs. Depending on your business needs, liability insurance can be purchased in many forms.
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Workers Compensation Insurance

In today's society, it's no secret that managing a business puts you at risk to a wide range of liabilities. The moment an employee sets foot on your premises, you are liable for any harm that may befall him or her.
Workers compensation insurance, sometimes called workman's compensation insurance, workers' liability insurance, or workers comp, covers your employees' medical expenses and at least a portion of their lost wages if they are injured on the job.
We also consult on the following types of liability insurance:
  • Medical liability insurance
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Product liability insurance
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